Wine & Eggs

Interior Design & Branding

Interior design and branding for a small grocer in Atwater Village, Los Angeles. I was inspired by the small European grocery stores I frequented while living in France. These spaces, designed in the mid-century, had a timelessness to them and above all, classiness. Why shouldn't a grocery store feel special and fun while fulfilling the simple joy of shopping for your evening's dinner? I used pops of bright blue and green throughout the space with an anchor of cherry wood to emit warmth. Building handcrafted lighting and fixtures added that extra step we took to ensure that Wine & Eggs wasn't your average shop, it's a place to return often with lightness and inspiration. As a studio, Sing-Sing also created the branding of the shop and paper ephemera, wine tags, price tags, signage and we teamed up with Clay Hickson who illustrated the logo and logotype.

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